Company Overview

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Immediate debt-free funding
  • Continuous and unlimited access to capital
  • Financing without a rigid and long drawn-out process
  • Acquisition financing without impacting existing lines of credit
  • Turn business assets into revolving lines of credit with easy repayment

HLC Financial Services, Inc. is a nationwide financial services company. We arrange alternative financing (non-traditional financing) and cash flow solutions for commercial businesses, healthcare providers, government agencies, government contractors and independent pharmacies.

As Certified Capital Specialists, we evaluate the capital needs of businesses and provide funding solutions. HLC Financial Services is a performance-driven company ---- no upfront fees. Your satisfaction is our business.

Our Mission: Provide fast and easy financial solutions with greater flexibility and access to capital for your complete satisfaction.


  • Commercial accounts receivable funding, also known as A/R funding and A/R factoring
  • Commercial accounts receivable financing - A/R financing (revolving lines of credit)
  • Pharmacy accounts receivable funding - A/R funding ( next day funding)
  • Medical A/R funding for healthcare providers (hospitals, nursing homes, physician group practices and other providers
  • Medical accounts receivable (A/R) financing for healthcare providers (revolving lines of credit - revolvers)
  • Equipment financing - medical, commercial and government
  • Commercial and healthcare real estate financing
  • Contract and purchase order financing

Here's how alternative financing  helps you:

Overcome cash flow challenges with debt-free A/R funding. It's the fastest and easiest form of business financing.

Accounts receivable funding, commonly known as A/R funding and A/R factoring, is a method of obtaining quick cash by selling your commercial accounts receivable (A/R) at a discount for immediate cash. It's a cash flow solution that provides a business with continuous and unlimited debt-free working capital as the business grows.


  • Continuous and unlimited access to debt-free cash
  • Improves cash flow - helps to eliminate the often long wait-time for invoice payments
  • Enables funding of payroll, inventory, business growth and other business needs
  • Fast and easy funding: Just about any commercial business is eligible for funding if it has invoices for goods or services delivered or rendered.

HLC Financial Services arranges A/R funding ranging from $50,000 to $20,000,000 in monthly invoices. Virtually unlimited capital is available for well-established companies based in United States. For more information, call: (708) 225-1483 or click here.

Fast and easy business loans with A/R financing

A/R financing allows a commercial business to obtain a loan using its accounts receivable (A/R) as collateral to secure a prime interest rate loan - plus several points. An A/R based loan, also known as an asset based loan, is structured as a revolving line of credit. Request funds as needed and repay as you are paid from the collection of your accounts receivable.


  • Less restrictive, faster funding and with more flexibility compared to conventional financing.
  • More focus on the quality of a company's accounts receivable than its ability to repay the loan.
  • Higher advance rates compared to traditional financing
  • Other business assets, such as inventory, may be used in combination with accounts receivable for higher loan amounts.

For more information click here.

Fast and easy healthcare financing for healthcare providers:

(Hospitals, Physicians, Pharmacies, Physician Group Practices, Medical Clinics, Nursing Homes, Dialysis Centers and other providers)

Fast, easy and flexible medical A/R solutions:

The medical accounts receivable (A/R) funding solution: A fast, easy and debt-free cash flow solution that converts third-party medical accounts receivable (A/R) owed by government agencies and insurance agencies into working capital without restrictions on the use of funds.


  • Provides you with a steady and predictable cash flow
  • Does not require changes in your back-office operation
  • Provides unlimited and continuous funding as your medical A/R grows
  • Helps to eliminate the often long wait-time between service and reimbursements

Pharmacy accounts receivable (A/R) funding: An alternative financing solution for independent pharmacies that accelerates cash flow by providing up to 97% of your medical claims as quick cash advances. Helps you conserve cash and improve cash flow. You are eligible for pharmacy A/R funding if you have accounts receivable/pharmacy claims owed by federal agencies, insurance companies and self-funded employers.


  • Provides next day funding
  • Helps to remain current with wholesalers
  • Debt-free continuous and unlimited funding
  • Reduces the stress of collecting receivables
  • Detailed claim reports assist back-office operation

Pharmacy A/R funding starts at $2,000,000 or more in sales volume  in pharmacy claims. A lesser amount is considered for pharmacies experiencing rapid growth. .

HLC Financial Services arranges pharmacy claims funding nationwide. Call (708) 225-1483 today and turn  "tomorrow's cash into today's cash¯. You no longer have to wait long periods of time for money you have already earned.

Acquire equipment and conserve cash - the lease financing solution- Medical and Commercial

Equipment leasing or lease financing gives you the right to use equipment for a period of time in exchange for monthly rental payments. It is an alternative to traditional financing whereby paying cash or taking out a loan are the options for obtaining equipment.

There are many advantages with equipment leasing - just to name a few are the following:

  • Flexibility: If a superior product comes to the market, you can cancel the current lease and enter into a new lease for the product.
  • Your existing bank lines of credit, which are limited, are not impacted by equipment leasing.
  • Convenience and Costs: Lease financing eliminates the large single expense, which may drain your cash flow.
  • Tax benefits: Unlike loan payments, lease payments may be fully deductible as an operational expense.

Funding starts at $100,000. Call (708) 225-1483 or contact us via this website for your equipment needs.

Project/Equipment Financing for state & local Governments

Provides tax-exempt long-term loans and innovative lease financing for a broad range of projects, including equipment, vehicles, healthcare, energy conservation, infrastructure and much more. Funding starts at $500,000 with no maximum for qualified project. Click here

Contract Financing

Contract Financing: An alternative financing solution that enables you to acquire equipment to fulfill a long-term service contract or produce a contracted product for a publicly traded company or a private company. This cash flow solution accelerates contract revenues. Funding starts at $500,000 is virtually unlimited. Click here

A partial list of businesses we serve

  • Manufacturers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Independent pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Telecommunications
  • U.S. Government Contractors
  • Staffing companies
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Environmental companies
  • Wholesalers & Distributors
  • Importers & Exporters
  • Security Guard Companies
  • State and local governments
  • Equipment companies
  • Oil field service providers

Since 1999, HLC Financial Services, Inc. has helped clients achieve their financial objectives through alternative financing. Call (708) 225-1483 today and get a financing solutiion with greater flexibility and access to capital.  Your satisfaction is our business. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

HLC Financial Services, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in South Holland, IL

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